(Luft Recordings) NACC, FMQB


Maybe In The Summer - Single

(Luft Recordings) NACC

This is a new era for Norwegian artist Sunniva, aka SASSY 009. "My music has never been a reflection on happiness," she says. There is nothing obvious about SASSY 009, the artist uses few words to lay it all out there on her new record.

Upon first listening to SASSY 009, the artists strong will and desire to dig deep presents itself from the moment you hit play. "I am allowing myself to explore different directions without making too many decisions on the way. That's how I find peace in where I'm at in my life right now. My music is absolutely an extension of that." There is something haunting yet inviting about the artists way of conveying her emotions through abstract narratives. Her simple phrases create deep emotional landscapes for her listeners.

There is no doubt that the artists progressive, clubby, and almost cinematic production, combined with her unmistakable voice, is what makes SASSY 009 as coherent and attractive as she is. Sunniva manages to unite our ever expanding subconscious into a unified and easily consumable world that will leave you wanting more.

"There's nothing as enticing as something you don’t understand."