While Terrorbirds were unable to adapt to a changing world 2.5 million years ago, today we’ve honed our ability to thrive in an ever-shifting digital climate. Utilizing strong personal relationships at DSPs (Digital Service Providers) like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and Pandora we secure U.S. positioning & playlisting across a variety of genres. We strategize which (human) editors & tastemakers to target at each DSP, and work with you to create a narrative as compelling as your music. The Team:  Sabrina Lomax

Placements include:
Spotify - New Music Friday, Rock This, Ultimate Indie, Hanging Out and Relaxing, Fresh & Chill, Fresh Folk, All New Indie, Pollen, Lorem + more
Apple Music - Best of the Week, Indie Anthems, Today's Indie Rock, Breaking Indie, Alternative Hits + more
Amazon - Brand New Music, Introducing Rock, Introducing Indie, Introducing Alternative, Fresh Indie, Pop Lab, Fresh Electronic + more
YouTube Music - Indie Hotlist, Alternative Hotlist, Electronic Hotlist, The Side Stage, Women at the Front + more
TIDAL - Indie Circus, TIDAL Rising: Indie/Rock, New Arrivals, Bop Electric, TIDAL Rising: R&B, The Pulse + more
Soundcloud - Fresh Pressed Tracks, Artists to Watch, First on Soundcloud, Tomorrows Hits Today + more
Pandora - New Music Now, New Indie Now, The Stack + more
Deezer - New Alternative, Dazed Dream, Bedroom Indie + more

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