Carpark Publishing

Songwriters: Astronauts, Etc., The Beths, Erin Anne, Evan Gipson, Greys, Madeline Kenney, The Mattson 2, Melkbelly, Memory Tapes, Skylar Spence, Tanukichan

  • Carpark Publishing is the music publishing branch of Carpark Records.

  • Astronauts, Etc.
    "The Room" in Weird City (Youtube)
    "The Border" in We Gon' Be Alright (PBS)

    Dent May
    "Face Down In The Gutter Of Your Love" - Netflix's Friends From College (#101) (2017)

    "Born Too Late" - HBO's Animals (#210) (2017)
    "You Can't Force A Dance Party" - Welcome to the Party (2015)

    Memory Tapes
    "Today Is Our Life" - Something Real And Good (2012)

    Skylar Spence
    "I Can't Be Your Superman" in Showtime's Dice (2016)
    "Fiona Coyne" in MTV's Awkward (#513) (2016)
    "Can't You See" in E4's Made in Chelsea: LA (Season 1, Episode 4) (2015)
    "Fall Harder" in HBO's Looking (#205) (2015)
    "Fall Harder" in Instagram promo for Abercrombie & Fitch (2015)
    "Fiona Coyne" in Osheaga Music & Arts Festival App (2015)
    "Fiona Coyne" in HBO's Ballers (#104) (2015)
    "Fiona Coyne" in ABC's Nashville (#313) (2015)
    "Cry Wolf" in The Other Two (Comedy Central)

    "Complaint Rock" - CBS' Criminal Minds 

  • Astronauts, Etc.
    Evan Gipson
    Madeline Kenney
    The Mattson 2
    Memory Tapes
    Skylar Spence