Le Tigre / Kathleen Hanna

Songwriters: Kathleen Hanna

  • KATHLEEN HANNA is a New York City-based artist, best known for her groundbreaking performances as a member of the 90’s punk band, Bikini Kill, and her multimedia group, Le Tigre. The Punk Singer, a documentary about her life, premiered at festivals and saw a nationwide theatrical release. She is currently giving lectures and performing with her new band ‘‘The Julie Ruin’.

  • Le Tigre "Deceptacon" in REI #OptOutside
    Le Tigre "Nanny Nanny Boo Boo" in Good Girls (NBC)
    Le Tigre "TKO" in Sweetbitter (Starz)
    Le Tigre "On Guard" in Beautiful Boy (Amazon)
    Le Tigre "Deceptacon" in Miracle Workers (TBS)
    Le Tigre "Deceptacon" in Broad City (Comedy Central)
    Le Tigre "Deceptacon" in Starz network promo
    Le Tigre "Deceptacon" in Pandora ad
    Le Tigre "TKO" for Girlboss trailer (Netflix)
    Le Tigre "Deceptacon" in Girlboss (Netflix)
    Le Tigre "Fake French" in King Burza for i:D UK ad
    Le Tigre "Hot Topic" in Kohl's "Back To School" campaign
    Le Tigre "Mediocrity Rules" in Fruity Pebbles ad
    Le Tigre "Deceptacon" in Chanel ad
    Le Tigre "Deceptacon" in Ellen Degeneres Show
    Le Tigre “Deceptacon” in Gap ad
    Le Tigre "Shred A" in Opening Ceremony’s FW15 Fashion Show
    Le Tigre “Deceptacon” in Facebook ad
    Le Tigre "Hot Topic" in She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry film
    Le Tigre “Bang! Bang!” in Bad Judge (NBC)
    Le Tigre “Deceptacon” in The Book of Life (film)
    Le Tigre “Deceptacon” in The Mindy Project (Fox)
    Le Tigre “Deceptacon” in How To Make It In America” (HBO)
    The Gossip “Standing in the Way of Control (Le Tigre Remix) in The L World (Showtime)
    Le Tigre “After Dark (A Touch of Class Remix) in Bones (Fox)
    Le Tigre "Deceptacon" in Left Foot Right Foot film
    Le Tigre "Keep On Living" in Jessica Jones (Netflix)

  • Bikini Kill
    The Julie Ruin