Songwriters: Mark Stoney

  • “One moment the gifted lone operator affects the kind of trenchant rock-riff panache associated with the younger Bowie, the next he's rattling off urban nightlife images with the droll elegance of The Kinks..." – The Independent

    “The British singer-songwriter recalls a younger David Bowie with the dapper swagger of The Kinks. He can easily switch between coy rock songs about nightlife and Elliott Smith-inspired bedroom folk.” – NPR Music

    “It is difficult to capture Stoney's distinctive, mellow sound in words, but it falls somewhere between mellow shoegaze and echo-riddled euphoria, a natural high contrasted with electronic noise, a modern explosion with a bohemian edge.” – BBC

  • Legends (TNT, 2014) Series 1 finale Features Stoney track "Devil on My Back"
    Hart of Dixie (The CW, 2015) Series 10 finale Features Stoney track "We Belonged"
    The Funeral Guest (Aphtic Productions, 2015) Feature Film Features Stoney track "We Belonged"