Songwriters: Jonathan Avram "Yoni" Wolf

  • Let's get some things out of the way. WHY? is a band—three Cincinnati-bred gentlemen who've shared a whole lotta past together. Two of them are brothers. Yoni Wolf, who founded the project by his lonesome in 1998 is one of those (see also: cLOUDDEAD, Greenthink, Reaching Quiet). The other is Josiah Wolf, who first started hitting the skins at their father's synagogue during worship service. They like being in a band together so don't ask about it. WHY?'s third fella is Doug McDiarmid, a high school friend born to French teachers, discovered by the Wolfs whilst playing guitar in a Steve Miller cover band. These men are handsome and meticulous, especially when they do ugly and unwieldy things with words and music.

  • WHY? "Against Me", "Yo Yo Bye Bye" and "Light Leaves" in Echo Lake film
    Lala Lala & WHY? "Siren 042" in Trinkets (Netflix)

  • cLOUDDEAD, Yoni & Geti