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With a focus on left-of-center voices, we represent record labels and independent artists for licensing opportunities in TV, film, ads, trailers, promos, video games, web content and podcasts. Whether it's the unknown gems, the next big thing, or a well-worn fan favorite, we're pitching, negotiating, and clearing rights in order to maximize revenue through exciting opportunities for our clients.

The Team: Jasmine Flott, Josh Briggs, Julia Moreira, Ari Blut, Veronica Bettio, and Luke Top.

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The right song for the right opportunity

The right song for the right opportunity

When it comes to seeking out opportunities for your music, we leave no stone unturned. Our pitching philosophy is all about matching the right song with the right opportunity. To maximize success, we treat catalog and new releases with equal attention, because we know just because it's old doesn't mean it doesn't work. Our artists are trailblazers, and often presage tomorrow's trends.

That roster of artists and labels reflects the music taste of our creative team, as well as the anticipated needs of the music supervisors and projects we pitch.

A few recent highlights

With thousands of TV series placements, ads, promos, trailers, and film uses, the licensing team here at Terrorbird gets it done. Name-dropping even a handful of our most notable highlights would be an unruly list of high profile brands, television shows, films, and video games, but you can see a small sampling of recent favorites below.

Terrorbird Originals

Terrorbird’s custom music house (Terrorbird Originals) is an ad-focused extension of the sync licensing team. We create and pitch custom music for the types of projects where a licensed track from a record just won’t do. Our roster of professional composers is as exciting as the music: A diverse, highly-curated group of creators, well-versed in the workflow and craft of writing music for picture. Terrorbird Originals maintains the most artist-friendly rates in the game, making sure we’re always putting our composers first.

The Team: Luke Top, Julia Moreira

Custom, not canned

Custom, not canned

We collaborate with the biggest global brands and agencies in their pursuit of thoughtful and compelling stories. And while we can handle truly any musical needs, we love lofty, creative tangents and experimental wildcards most of all.

Whatever the creative, our expansive and ever-growing composer roster is pure Terrorbird: Unique voices that deliver authenticity through timely production choices and artful musicianship.

A selection of our work is displayed in the slideshow below. Those highlights include work for Apple, Adidas, Google, Zillow, Mailchimp, Hyatt, Aflac, and Nissan.

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