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Terrorbird Publishing looks out for our songwriters on all counts; seeking new opportunities for compositions, discovering new pathways to create, protecting copyrights, and diligently tracking down royalties. As reflected by our industry-leading rates and transparency, we believe at our core that songwriters should own their copyrights, and fully understand the deals they are signing. Through in-house royalty administration and creative services, we ensure our writers see every penny and are prioritized for every relevant creative opportunity. 

The Team: Josh Briggs, Madison Rudd, Noor Khan, Julia Moreira, Jasmine Flott, Ari Blut, Veronica Bettio, Lauren Ross, and Jess Caragliano. 

Your Songs, Your Vision

Your Songs, Your Vision

At Terrorbird, the songwriter leads. As your publisher, it’s our job to protect the value of your catalog while supporting your vision for your music and amplifying your message. That's why we're trusted by some of the most fiercely independent trailblazers in music, across the genre spectrum. Through our artist-friendly contracts, diligent royalty collection, and stellar creative team, we’re proud to boast a 95% client retention rate. We've...

• Set up collaborations that became cuts on labels such as Universal, Polyvinyl, Sony, Defected, Concord, Elektra, and Atlantic

• Facilitated original music & scoring opportunities for artists like Emily Sprague (Florist), Magic Sword, Emily Wells, Slow Pulp, and Yoni Wolf (WHY?)

• Recovered millions of dollars in previously unpaid royalties worldwide.

Know Your Rights

Publishing is complicated, but it doesn't have to be. We're here to help you understand the intricacies of your rights as a songwriter, as much as you want to know them. When you have questions, we're the humans who are here to answer them - not some giant, behind-the-scenes publishing administration monolith, not a portal, not an 800 number, or "info@" void - just the people doing the work. And we administer directly in North America, so that means more clarity, less confusion, and more royalties in your pocket.

Song Camp

Song Camp

Interested in writing songs beyond your own albums? We host a semi-annual, week-long, virtual song camp, pairing you with other songwriters & producers from the Terrorbird family. Each day brings a new writing prompt with a new partner, led by Terrorbird staff along with special guests. It's like a boot camp to jump start your creativity & collaborative spirit.

Past camps have resulted in dozens of original songs, syncs for ad campaigns, promos, TV, film & video games from brands and studios like Netflix, Apple TV+, Paramount, Phillips 66, Xbox, and Riot Games, plus new commercial releases, cuts, and continuing collaborations well beyond camp. It prepares you for the challenge of writing-to-task in a way writing only for yourself never can.

Terrorbird Publishing proudly represents...

Terrorbird Publishing proudly represents...

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