As an independent, bicoastal publishing company staying true to our artist-friendly ethos, Terrorbird Publishing provides the services of a major publisher with the unique attentiveness of a boutique agency. Our hand-picked roster receives a wide spectrum of offerings, including worldwide royalty collection and catalog administration, supreme sync licensing pitching and negotiation, co-writing and scoring opportunities, as well as general career and songwriting guidance. We prioritize our publishing clients to make sure they get the TLC they deserve. The Team: Josh Briggs, Madison Rudd, Noor Khan, Lauren RossJulia Moreira, Jasmine Flott, Sam Storch, Ari Blut, and Jess Caragliano. 

How We Roll: Terrorbird Publishing is proud to directly administer in the United States. Internationally, we’ve selected sub-publishing partners of the highest caliber for diligent royalty collections in each territory worldwide.

Publishing Roster