Sync Licensing

Though technically Terrorbirds can't fly, we’re known for our speed and agility on land, tenaciously working to pitch our masterfully curated roster and skillfully negotiating artist-friendly deals. Hailed as a pleasure to work with by the industry’s top executives in film, television, advertising, video games and media, we pride ourselves on our strong personal relationships and keen musical ears, both of which have cemented our reputation as one of the leading sync licensing companies in the business. 
The Team: Josh Briggs, Lauren Ross, Jasmine Flott, Julia Moreira, Sam Storch, and Noor Khan.

Recent Placements

- Degrassi (Teen Nick)

Dark Dark Dark “Daydreaming”

- How To Make It In America (HBO)

Wild Nothing “O, Lilac”

Levis ad

Julianna Barwick “Anjos”

- Weeds (Showtime)

Elizabeth Cook “Sometimes it Takes Balls to be A Woman”

- GoPro HD ad

Typhoon “CPR - Claws Pt 2”

- Chuck (NBC)

Typhoon “Firewood”