Though technically Terrorbirds can't fly, we’re known for our speed and agility on land, tenaciously working to pitch our masterfully curated roster and skillfully negotiating artist-friendly deals. Hailed as a pleasure to work with by the industry’s top executives in film, television, advertising, video games and media, we pride ourselves on our strong personal relationships and keen musical ears, both of which have cemented our reputation as one of the leading sync licensing companies in the business. 
The Team: Josh Briggs, Jasmine Flott, Julia Moreira, Sam Storch, and Ari Blut. 

Recent Placements

Angelyne (Peacock)

Delta 5 “You”

So You Think You Can Dance (FOX)

Le Tigre “TKO”

Queer As Folk PROMO (Hulu)

Big Freedia “Mm Mm Good”

Armageddon Time film

The Raincoats “Fairytale in the Supermarket”

Gucci Fashion Show (Gucci)

Hiro Kone “Akoluthic Phase”

Couples Therapy (Showtime)

Royal Canoe “Butterfalls”

Podcast (iHeart Radio)

Kishi Bashi “Violin Tsunami”

Podcast (iHeart Radio)

Kishi Bashi “Violin Tsunami”

Made For Love (HBO)

Stella “The Break”

I Love That For You (Showtime)

Yumi Zouma “In Camera”

H&M spot

Agua Congas “Paula Tape”

Big Sky (ABC)

Deer Tick “Goodbye Dear Friend”

I Love That For You (Showtime)

The Mynabirds “Numbers Don't Lie”

Oussekine (Hulu)

Amen Dunes “Song To The Siren”

Vice (Showtime)

Tor Lundvall “The Void”

I Love That For You (Showtime)

Sun June “Everything I Had”

Crush film

Quarter-Life Crisis “You & Me”

Microsoft Surface spot

Habibi “Call Our Own"/"Somewhere They Can't Find Us”

Walker (The CW)

Mega Bog “Diary Of A Rose”

Apple Shot On iPhone spot

Crush film

TOPS “I Feel Alive”

The Flight Attendant (HBO Max)

Bikini Kill “Demirep”

Sam Now film

Dead Bird Hearts film

Black Belt Eagle Scout “Soft Stud”

Crush film

Mal Blum “Things Still Left To Say”


Emel Mathlouthi “Ensen Dhaif (Cubenx remix)”

The Shining Girls (AppleTV+)

Kleenex “Ain't You”

Crush film

Starmaxx “Kickin' It On The Floor (QUEEN)”

A Black Lady Sketch Show (HBO)

Big Freedia “To The Front”

Grace and Frankie (Netflix)

Alice Bag “Risk It”

Middle Most Post (Nickelodeon)

AJJ “Middlemost Post Theme Song”

Jean-Paul Gaultier (spot)

Big Freedia “Platinum”

Legendary promo (HBO Max)

Whipped Cream, Big Freedia, UNIIQE3, Moore Kismet “Hold Up”

Woke (Hulu)

Terry Presume “ZaZa And Some Runtz (Smoke Break)”

Klarna (spot)

Mort Garson “This Is My Beloved”

Make Or Break (AppleTV+)

QUITAPENAS “El Curandero”

Heartstopper (Netflix)

Tomberlin “Any Other Way”

Woke (Hulu)

Native Son “Riot!”

A Million Little Things (ABC)

The Shivas “Undone”

Along For The Ride (Netflix)

Born At Midnite “Hawt Heart”

Make Or Break (Apple TV+)

Mexicans With Guns “Me Gusto”

Woke (Hulu)

Bad Colours “Skin To Skin”

A Million Little Things (ABC)

Harmless “Notice Me”

All American (The CW)

snny “Flying In The Dark”

Made For Love (HBO Max)

Mort Garson “This Is My Beloved”

Woke (Hulu)

Bad Colours “Feelin' Like”

9-1-1 (FOX)

mewithoutYou “We Know Who Our Enemies Are”

Long Slow Exhale (BET)

Bobby Saint “Unholy”

Swimming With Sharks (Roku)

Young Magic “Lucien”

Woke (Hulu)

Allen Love “Alone”

Unplugged spot

Gossip “Standing In The Way Of Control”

Crush Promo (Hulu)

Starmaxx “Kickin' On The Floor (QUEEN)”

Better Things (FX)

Corrina Repp “Count The Teardrops”

Watch Out For The Big Grrrls (Amazon)

Double Duchess “All Eyes On Me (feat. TT the Artist)”

Dynasty (The CW)

Chaos Emeralds “Losing My Cool/No Pressure”


River Whyless “Motel 6”

Kung Fu (The CW)

Whitney Fenimore “Stones”

American Idol Season 5

Big Freedia “Various Titles”

The Thing About Pam (NBC)

Marissa Nadler “For My Crimes”

The Girl From Plainville (HULU)

Mark Gonzales Supreme

Kleenex “Ain't You”

Station (ABC)

Bitch “Easy Target”

The Bubble

Zola Jesus “Sea Talk”

Snowpiercer (TNT)

Ural Thomas & The Pain “Smoldering Fire”

Life And Beth (Hulu)

The Wild Reeds “Where I'm Going”

Untitled Mickey Mouse Documentary (Disney+)

Dan Deacon “Slow With Horns/Run For Your Life”

Life And Beth (Hulu)

Big Freedia “Betty Bussit”

Molly Molly Molly trailer

Lomelda “Hannah Sun”

Catfish (MTV)

Starmaxx “Guess Who”

Starstruck promo (HBO)

Dent May “I Could Use A Miracle”

Jazz Fest: A New Orleans Story

Boyfriend “Lean”

Crows Are White

Mort Garson “Symphony For A Spider Plant”

Skate Dreams

Metric “Dead Disco”

Pretty Problems

Elliott Smith “Twilight”

Bel Air (Peacock)

Magic City Hippies “High Beams (feat. Nafets)”

A Million Little Things (ABC)

dayaway “Cool Water”

Apple Keynote

NNAMDÏ “Backseat”

Apple Keynote

Obongjayar “Message In A Hammer”

This American Life

AJJ “Survival Song”

All American (the CW)

Mahawam “First Light Love”


Sin Fang, Sóley & Örvar Smárason “Citrus Light”


Astronauts, etc. “Cherry Plum”

Single Drunk Female (Freeform)

The Beths “Uptown Girls”

A Million Little Things (ABC)

Fantasydub “Deso”

A Million Little Things (ABC)

Sedona “Best In Show”

Pieces Of Her (Netflix)

Amen Dunes “Miki Dora”

A Million Little Things

Ural Thomas & The Pain “Slow Down”

Young Sheldon (CBS)

Terry Allen “Amarillo Highway”

Promised Land (ABC)

Harmless “Nacho's”

A Million Little Things (ABC)

Chris Pureka “Back In The Ring”

Homeschooled (CBS)

Crying High “Hold Yr Terror Close”

A Million Little Things (ABC)

Boyfriend “Mango”

Abbott Elementary (ABC)

Boyfriend “Marie Antoinette (feat. Big Freedia)”

Somebody Somewhere (HBO Max)

Bridget Everett “Pussy Power”

Single Drunk Female (Freeform)

santpoort “I Forgot”

NHL Hockey Night

Promised Land Sound “Wandering Habits”

Dollface (Hulu)

Bleached “Stupid Boys”

Resident Alien (SyFy)

Shawnee Kish “Light Me Up”

Resident Alien (SyFy)

Beach Day “I'm Just Messin' Around”

Jackass 4

Big Freedia “Mm Mm Good”

Batwoman (The CW)

Syd B “Are You Feeling It Too?”

The Tinder Swindler

Le Tigre “Deceptacon”

Ralph Lauren

Sedona “Best In Show”

Next In The Order

Magic Sword “Battlefield”


Eartheater “Preservation and Runoff”

Promised Land (ABC)

Madame Gandhi “Bad Habits”

In From The Cold (Netflix)

Molchat Doma “Sudno”

Nancy Drew (CW)

Jeremy Lister “Now It's Yours”

Giddy Stratospheres

Le Tigre “Deceptacon”

Kings Of Napa (OWN)

Ness Nite “Unusual”

Kenan (NBC)

Umii “Not Alone”

Cha Cha Real Smooth

Hovvdy “Tools”

Cha Cha Real Smooth

Dehd “Loner”

As We See It (Amazon Prime)

Deeper “This Heat”

As We See It (Amazon Prime)

Hovvdy “Cathedral”

Promised Land (ABC)

boy pablo “Dance, Baby!”

Emergency (Amazon Prime)

Terry Presume “Act Up”


Riki “Come Inside”

Emergency (Amazon Prime)

Fat Tony “Big Ego”

Somebody Somewhere (HBO)

Bridget Everett “Pussy Power”