Modern paleontologists have determined that the ominous-looking Terrorbird actually had more in common with Big Bird than T-Rex. Terrorbird Originals shares BB’s wholesome values, established with a mission to ethically support its talented community of composers, while providing the most compelling musical solutions for any campaign. Our network of diverse music makers is the best in the business, boasting work in countless commercials, spanning the spectrum of brands and genres.

Also known as TBOG, this department is helmed by Luke Top -- an experienced commercial music producer and veteran of the indie music world. Bilingual in the languages of Advertising and Music, Top skillfully provides informed and innovative creative direction to our team of composers. As a result, we deliver the most professional and emotionally effective work to our agency clients, ultimately giving each project the meaningful resonance it deserves. The Team: Luke Top, Lauren Ross, and our expansive roster of composers.


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