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Digital Advertising

Connecting you with the people that matter. We help increase your views on videos, drive people to stream your music, increase your chances of being playlisted (both algorithmic and human-curated) and grow engagement. Whatever your goals, we use bespoke targeting to bring your music to the people who love it and the people who are going to love it.

The Team: Ben Goulder

We're social first, but not social only

We're social first, but not social only

We engage with multiple platforms and DSPs to reach your audience wherever they hang out. We reach your listeners across socials, the websites they read, connected TV, digital out-of-home, podcasts, and streaming services. And we're always testing new, experimental formats to ensure we're meeting your fans where they are.

Social media platforms are limiting organic reach more than ever

With digital advertising, we target your ideal audience - optimized on a daily basis - to make sure your campaign is constantly performing at peak efficiency.

We can help...

We can help...

• Increase video views placing your videos alongside similar artists.

• Direct a new, wider audience to your release.

• Grow your profile, increasing engagement across TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and more.

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