Terrorbirds could hear a wide range of sound frequencies and had excellent vision. Same goes for our radio department. As a respected leader in the radio community, we successfully execute campaigns securing airplay, chart results, tour promotion, and live performances on college, non-commercial, satellite, and commercial-specialty radio stations across North America. We see Music Directors as leaders in a secret society of true trendsetters sharing the next big thing with an eager community of listeners in the small towns and big cities across the U.S. and Canada. Formerly baby birds who hatched in the radio nest ourselves, we are intimately familiar with that ecosystem and have established a mutual respect with hundreds of programmers across the college, community and commercial-specialty radio landscape. The Team: Shannon Kurlander, Dan Manning, Tess Plummer.

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DJ Taye

Still Trippin

(Hyperdub) NACC

Jackson MacIntosh

My Dark Side

(Sinderlyn) NACC

‚ÄčAnna McClellan

Yes and No

(Father Daughter) NACC

Young Statues


(Run For Cover Records) NACC

True Blue

Edge Of

(Self Released) NACC

Ed Schrader's Music Beat


(Carpark Records) NACC


Tape Recorder

(Bayonet) NACC

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Gift Wrap

Losing Count

(Capture tracks) NACC

Camp Cope

How To Socialise & Make Friends

(Run For Cover Records) NACC, FMQB

Titus Andronicus

A Productive Cough

(Merge) NACC

The Men


Dick Stusso

In Heaven

(Hardly Art) NACC