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Mix-and-match marketing services

Here at Terrorbird, our services are à la carte. Whether it's radio promotion, publicity, digital advertising or any combination, campaign packages are customized to best match your needs with our strengths.

Radio Promotion

Known for establishing grassroots followings and building lasting momentum, our radio campaigns secure meaningful coverage from satellite radio giants to trend-setting college stations. Building authentic fans through airplay, rotation adds, chart results, tour promotion, and live session performances, we execute College, Non-Commercial, Triple A and Commercial Specialty radio campaigns across North America.

The team: Dan Manning, Emma Chekroun, and Rusty Roberts

We top the charts

We top the charts

NACC / College Radio:
Arlo Parks:
#1 @ NACC Top 200 12 weeks running (longest #1 record in NACC history)
La Luz:
#1 @ NACC Top 200 
#1 @ NACC Top 200
Cat Power: #1 @ NACC Top 200
Julie Doiron: #1 @ NACC Top 200
: #1 @ NACC Top 200
The Beths: #1 @ NACC Top 200 

AAA + Commercial Specialty:
Arlo Parks: #1 @ JBE AAA 6 weeks running
Arlo Parks:
#1 @ Commercial Specialty Albums
POND: #1 @ Commercial Specialty Albums
Amyl & The Sniffers:
#1 @ Commercial Specialty Tracks
Squid: #1 @ Commercial Specialty Albums
Cloud Nothings: #1 @ Commercial Specialty Albums
Middle Kids: #1 @ Commercial Specialty Tracks + Albums
Hatchie: #1 @ Commercial Specialty Albums
The Beths: #1 @ Commercial Specialty Tracks + Albums
Bibio: #1 Commercial Specialty Tracks


Specializing in national and regional publicity campaigns for albums, tours, and festivals, we champion the vision of artists we believe in. Whether it’s developing new talent or taking an established artist to the next level, we capitalize on our long-term relationships with media outlets, writers, editors, freelancers, talent bookers, podcast networks, and hosts to maximize meaningful exposure in the ever-shifting press landscape.

The team: George Corona, Andi Wilson, Cody DeFalco, Alex Lichtenauer, Ted Davis, and Terra Lopez

We spread the word

We spread the word

Our highest priority is getting our artists’ stories heard by the biggest audience possible. Our publicists consistently land features and coverage from Pitchfork, NPR, The FADER, The New York Times, Stereogum, Brooklyn Vegan, PASTE, The Wire, Resident Advisor, Bandcamp, Gorilla vs Bear, Nylon, Talkhouse, Dummy, Pigeons and Planes, The New Yorker and so many more. 

We tap into the artist's vision and work with them to create an authentic story. What makes this artist stand out and how can we maximize exposure? Where is their audience and how can we reach them? We personally tailor each pitch to writers & outlets that we believe will understand the artist’s vision and champion their work throughout the campaign and beyond.

Digital Advertising

Connecting you with the people that matter.
We increase your views on videos, drive people to stream your music, increase your chances of being playlisted (both algorithmic and human-curated) and grow engagement. Whatever your goals, we use bespoke targeting to bring your music to the people who love it and the people who are going to love it.

The Team: Ben Goulder

We're social first, but not social only

We're social first, but not social only

We engage with multiple advertising platforms to reach your audience wherever they hang out. We reach your listeners across socials (including TikTok, Instagram, YouTube & Facebook), the websites they read, connected TV, digital out-of-home, podcasts, and streaming services. We're always testing new, experimental formats to ensure we're ahead of the game.

Whether it is indie darlings in Camden Town, Berlin techno heads, Brooklyn-based garage rockers or dungeon synth basement dwellers, Terrorbird has nearly two decade’s worth of music industry knowledge with the data to back it up. We’re able to target niche subcultures alongside mass global audiences. We’re here to help you scale.

Social media platforms are limiting organic reach more than ever

With digital advertising, we can cut through the noise and place targeted ads that reach your ideal audience. We optimize on a daily basis to make sure your campaign is constantly performing at peak efficiency to meet your objectives.

Contact us for a customized media plan.

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